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Skylights bring in natural light

and can ventilate living areas with fresh air.


Skylights have been a popular roof accessory for many years and have only gained in popularity as they become more advanced. Today, skylights can be electronically opened to let fresh air into your home, they can have built in sensors that detect rain and sunlight, and can even have built-in, fully-automated blinds custom matched to your home’s decor. Skylights can drastically change the feel of a room by providing a brightness and light source that can only be achieved through natural light.

You have a number of options when it comes to your custom skylight installation. Skylights come in many different styles, so contact one of our skylight installers today to learn more about what kind would work best in your home!

Skylight Repairs


If you think your skylight might need a repair, don’t wait – call right away.

The longer you wait the more costly your skylight repair will be.

Some signs that your skylight needs to be fixed or replaced include:


  • Open seams

  • Roof debris or any other roofing damage

  • Water stains

  • A lot of condensation

  • Discolored and/or bubbling drywall


Remember to check both the interior of your home and the roof exterior! If you see anything abnormal at all, don’t hesitate to contact our skylight specialists. Whether your skylight repair involves new flashing, resealing or calls for a replacement, C & A Renovations has you covered. For quality, reliable skylight repairs in your area, we are the company you need!

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